Tuesday, May 17, 2011

As Promised...

As Promised, here are the pictures of my Works In Progress.

This is a yellow and blue, king size, Double Wedding Ring that I started over 15 years ago.  It was suppose to be done for my wedding day and in August we celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.  At this time this quilt is about 1/3 done.  I would like to get it completed for our anniversary.  That is going to be a challenge as it is already May and I have a quilt on the machine right now.

This is the queen size quilt that is currently on the machine.  I am "attempting" my first machine quilted quilt.  I can tell you that I have lot's of practice that still need to be done.  This is Elanor Burn's Day and Night Quilt Pattern.  With the "waste" from this quilt, you get two other quilts.  The following two pictures show you the blocks for them.

This is the Spider Web block.  There are enough from the cut aways to make a Crib Size Quilt.  I have the choice of a 51" x 51" or 34" x 77".  I will most likely do the latter.  I need a warm quilt for my living room, especially in the cold winter months.

These are cut aways to make the Mini Star Quilt.  Enough here to make a 39" x 44" quilt.  I just can't wait until I get these done.

I started this table topper after we had gotten married.  I had started to machine quilt this with a walking foot many years ago.  I won't take very long to finish this quilt.  I am thinking maybe I will finish it this weekend.

I started three of these a very long time ago.  Yes three, I haven't finished them yet.  I have since taking a class on machine quilting and now feel as though I could finish this now.  Maybe after I get the double wedding ring done.

It is getting late here.  I have a few other quilts and projects to share, but will share them with you later.

Happy Crafting,

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LaDonna and Diana said...

I love it when you can make more quilts from the leftovers! Looks good! Good luck with the machine quilting...you can do it!