Thursday, May 12, 2011

Finding out what is WIP

I think this evening I would like to go into my craft room and figure out what I have for WIP (Works in Progress).  My WIP's will consist of Quilting and Paper Craft WIP's.  I can tell you right now, that I have forgotten how many quilts I have in progress.

One I do know I have in progress.  It's a Yellow and Blue Double Wedding Ring.  I started it before I got married.  It was suppose to be finished for our Wedding day.  To this day, the top is only 1/3 done.  This year we celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.  I would like to get it done for that. 

That mean I have to finish quilting the one I am working on now (a day and night quilt) and start on that one.

I will talk pictures this evening to so you can see what is in various states of progress and upload them.  It will help me be a little more accountable I think.

Happy Crafting,

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