Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I am Participating in the Zakka Sew-A-Long

I have decided to participate in the Zakka Sew-A-Long.  Here are the projects we have done so far.

Week 1: Zig Zag Bag

Zakka Zig Zag Bag

Week 2: House Pouch

Zakka House Pouch

Week 3: Pincushion


I completed Week 4: Sewing Kit last night.  I had gone out of town and couldn't finish it in time, but it is done now.

I am currently about 1/2 way done with Week 5: Pencil Case.

This sew along has been a lot of fun.  If you like to know more about it, please click the following check out Sukie.

Happy Crafting,

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sukie said...

Thanks for participating!!! I love your finished Zakka prjs so far!